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This product is under development and testing to meet the expectation of the industry and nearing to reach market soon. Various wood composition and types are used for different format of products.

 Available in  Standard        Size :  2440 mm x 1220

                                             Thick :   8 , 12 ,16, 17 & 18 mm

Cutting to size, Jointing, Finishing & Decoration  :  These boards can be crafted to produce required sections with help of the carpentry tools using for common multi boards or ply wood and can be screwed (dry wall, ss), nailed & glued with appropriate glue like flex quick or similar, Fine trimming with sharp planer is possible as like that is for wooden parts. ( refer FAQ  section)

Finishing & decoration can me made using regular as per choice, if the lamination is the choice the amination material like Mica, PVC Flexible mica, Acrylic, Glass, Veneer, Melamine coated papers. Always recommended to use the glue / adhesive recommended by expert for each type of lamination suiting to uPVC boards and the pressing conditions.