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Ultra Wood HD

Unique Wood Substitute Boards /Panels

Ultrawood HD is a unique new generation CELLULOSE FIBER +PVC 3 layer composite HD board for interior application. This board is produced by advanced Co – Extrusion Technology. The board has a white tough surface at top & bottom surface with a very hard and high density inner core. Being a composite product the surface, technically termed as capping layer and core with cellulose fibre are not separable. This hard core is equivalent to any wood board and the white gloss surface gives an aesthetic look as well as improve the over all attributes of boards especially the mechanical properties.

Best wood substitute material Superior to Wood, Ply Wood, MDF, HDF Particle Boards and superior to normal PVC Foam Board ? Multi-Board range of products

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Uses of Ultra Wood HD

End Use Applications of Wood Substitute Boards /Panels





CNC worked grills

Marine Boat & Cruise Interiors

Kitchen Cabinet


Counter tops


Decorative sections

Sound proofing walls

Our Range of Products

Benefits of Ultra Wood HD

A uniform, expanded composite structure gives Ultra Wood HD a hard, flat surface, providing exceptional rigidity and mechanical properties for all interior and exterior applications. The durable surface and high density core provides excellent resistance to wear and tear of the product.

100% Waterproof & Resistance to rot and crack

Outstanding screw & nail retention

Impervious to insects such as Termites, Borer

No warpage or bend

Environmentally friendly

Contains no toxic, chemicals

Low maintenance cost

Fire Retardant

Ultra Wood HD

The Brand Name is ULTRA WOOD .Apart from this we do have products like Door Frames, Door Panel , PVC celuka boards .