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About us

Who We Are

ULTRA WOOD(R) is the Brand that sounds well in the building material industry promoted by M/s Scope Solutions International (SSI).

Scope Solutions International is established in year 2003 and engaged in Manufacturing of FRP products, Importing and Assembling of Domestic Water purifiers, providing professional service to food & beverage industry as well as to plastics processing industry. Later in 2019 took over the brand of ULATRWOOD–HD & ULRAWOOD SECURE multi boards (wood substitute board) that was with other business group since 2015 and ventured in to the building material industry by selling wood substitute materials that is commonly called MULTIWOOD OR MULTI BOARDs. Based on the demand from the market a few more variants in various price range are added to the product portfolio to meet the requirement of specific segment from economical to semi premium and premium with this the company could expand the customer base.

Our Team

The leadership team composed of highly experienced professionals in Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing Qualified from professional management institute, and Technocrats Qualified from CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF PLASTICS ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (CIPET).

The professional who lead the product development, validation, product manufacturing through contract facility has 22 years of experience in technical manufacturing environment in India & abroad specific to this kind of products for more than THREE years. The products are developed under his leadership with association & guidance of a set quailed professionals.

Our Speciality

The company has strong rooting in building material industry business with supply of high-quality material with reliable service since beginning for manufacturing and supply. Specific to Multi boards the products are made with technically proven machineries and with unique compounding recipes . The products are periodically tested in external labs like testing facility of CIPET and in house quality control labs . Apart from this a few demonstrative tests randomly performed in ware house for quick verification & validation.

The product is selling well in major parts of Kerala for last a few years with plenty of satisfied customers and best priced in appropriate segment.

Expansion of Sales to rest of Kerala State is progressing as per plan.
The company has other Products to provide service to customer’s need like in WPC DOOR FRAMES & DOOR PANELs such products attached with focus of improving services.

Also we are watching, listening to customers at various points and segment ranging form Architects, Engineers, Dealers & End customers to improve our products qualities, and analysing the data for developing and adding new range of products in to the supply chain process.


Our vision is to Produce or Associate by Channel Partnership with the reputed manufacturer to sell Eco Friendly building / supportive material that are sustainable & possess un paralleled weather properties to support architectural demand.



To provide high-quality products to suit all requirements & full fill customer’s satisfaction by catching-up with the fast changing environment of technology , product design & material composition, ensuring unrivalled excellence in quality & variety of products.



This FAQ is made in general, applicable to ULTRAWOOD range uPVC products that are mineral filled Foam Boards ( Commonly know as PVC Foam Boards) and emphasising on ULTRAWOOD HD 3 layer Co Ex Foamed WPC Board. For any further clarification and anything not covered here , please contact us .

Ultrawood HD is wood substitute board, uPVC based Specially compounded material with Micro Crystalline Cellulose Fibre ( MCCF) 3 Layer Co-Extrusion Technology to form board with Un separable Core and lamination. More technically & specifically it is Co extruded 3 layer Foamed WPC that has hybrid properties multi boards & WPC boards.

Wood ( if it is not hard , seasoned & tempered ) & engineered wood like Ply wood, MDF, Treated wood ect. are highly susceptible to the natural weathering and deterioration within short or limited span of time based on the condition of application & exposed ambience .

The contemporary wood substitute materials developed and available at preset in market is addressing mainly the weathering property , durability etc. of the wood & engineered wood , however these materials are not completely addressing the need of the mechanical properties like , Tensile strength , Top Load bearing,  screw retention , screw holding , re fixing screws , warpage of log span doors, boxes.

ULTRA WOOD HD is produced with specially compounded material with Multi Later Co Extrusion Technology to deliver a Multilayer (3 Layers) Composite board that  address all the above limitations with wood, engineered wood and available wood substitute materials available in market to serve the customers with Durable , Strong , Maintenance Free, Cost Balanced ,Environmental friendly & Workmen friendly  material with highest integrity.

Yes , the standard size of sheet supplied would be 2440mm x 1220 mm ( 8 x 4 Ft) size
Note : Applicable to other brands also.

Yes , there is scratch resistance protective film( Guard Film) on one side of board with printed information about board and its use.
Note : Other brands also has the same

Sheet/board can be cut by using standard woodworking equipment. If using a power miter saw, we recommend using a carbide toothed blade with 80 teeth or more.

Note : Applicable to other brands also

Yes. We recommend a non-corrosive metal such as galvanized, stainless, or coated screw for exterior applications. Any type is acceptable for interior applications. Screw can fix directly at applicable area first make small punch mark then tight screw with screw driver or air or electrical tools.

ULTRA WOOD HD Co Extruded THREE Layer Sheet/Board can be used for Construction, Advertising, Furniture, Bathroom Cabinet, Kitchen Cabinet, cladding works, Marine applications and just about any millwork or industrial application where wood is used.
Note : Applicable to other brands also.

The product have excellent chemical resistance imparted by the inherent nature of the base PVC polymer. The general chemical resistance of PVC can be summarized as follows:

• Resistant to salt solutions
• Resistant to most mild alkali solutions
• Resistant to most mild acid solutions
• Resistant to most alcohols, petrol, oils, fats etc
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Any product that is acrylic or urethane based will adhere to ULTRA WOOD HD . Common fillers, caulks and exterior grade spackle with titanium dioxide work well. Be sure to use a filler that is a good match to the white color of Products, should you decide not to paint.

Note : Applicable to other brands also

To prevent joint separation, fill all joints (whether butted tight or with a gap) with a urethane acrylic sealant (which expands and contracts at the same rate as the product). When sealing a butt joint, apply sealant only to one butt end .Ga
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Use a carbide-tipped bit on a router machine..
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Ultrawood HD board / sheet can be cut using standard woodworking power tools. Keep blades sharp for best results. If clamping when cutting, use blocks to avoid marks on the products. Best results are obtained using saw blades designed for cutting wood or plastic. A 32-tooth carbide-tipped blade is recommended.
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Ultrawood HD Board / Sheet is 100% recyclable and environment friendly. The benefits of recycling PVC building materials include reduced landfill waste, reduce embodied energy, and reduce the impacts from harvest or mining. Most importantly, recycling saves energy and reduces pollution.
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Any laminate like Mica , PVC laminates , Acrylic, Veneer can be applied on the surface of HD board after making the surface rough with 80 or 100 sand paper or scoring with sharp knife to make the surface rough.
The glue commonly used is Fevicol Heatex , fevicol recommends special glue instead of heatex ,PLASTILOK that is ideal uPVC baod to conventional mica and for Pvc laminates Pro Bond. The application can be hand pressing ( manual pressing ) .Ensure no air is entrapped and the glue is applied evenly over the surface .
Or the COLD PRESSING can be used to laminate as similar to PLY board but The PRESSURE applied should be
Between 75 – 100 Kg / Cm2 for 45 min – 60 min for heatex like quick setting glue and for PLASTI LOK like synthetic resin based use low pressure as possible 50- 60 kg / cm2 for recommended setting by M/s Fevicol ( 3.5 – 4.0 hrs).
NOTE : (1) Ultrawood mineral filled foam board like Ultrawood secure or RUBY can be laminated by machine pressing as said above by applying lowest possible pressure with both side lamination outmost care must be provided and the economic Grade RUBY must be subjected for machine pressing with out most care .
(2) It I reported that the Turpentine / Thinner remaining on the surface board would adversely affect the adhesion of Glue to Laminate and board.
Caution : (A) Do not apply high pressure above the Upper limit of 100 Kg/ Cm2 and Holding time should not be like the same applicable to PLY WOOD ( 4- 5 hrs) . Maximum duration can be 60 Min.
( B ) NEVER USE HOT press and apply high pressure, this would lead for distortion of board.

Yes, The composition of the product is developed with support of CIPET and continuous trial, testing and evaluation of test results and actual performance, to deliver the requirements and address the limitations of available engineered wood and contemporary wood substitute material.

The above question need to be answered with explanation. The materials like CELUKA Board ,PVC Foam Board or PVC Ply etc are materials that are wood substitute durable materials widely used for identical applications but these materials have inherent limitations of Screw Holding ( Minimal Screw holding capacity) , Re fixing of screws, Warpage of long sections , Limited Tensile strength , Top Load , Flexural Force resistance etc. Material strength of a sheet is not uninform , the density of material reduces as it moves towards the center portion of board , hence the strength too.
Ultrawood has high strength , and addresses the above said limitations of wood substitute materials , with its uniform strength of sections cut from inner & outer part of the board

The Boards are Packed in Corrugated printed paper carton box as follows
a) 30 MM Door – 2 No / Box b) 18 MM Board – 3 Nos / Box

b) 17 MM Board – 3 Nos / Box c) 12 MM Board – 5 Nos /Box

c) 05 MM Board – 8 Nos / Box

Note : Other brands also packed as the same

ULTRA WOOD HD Board and section requires no special safety handling precautions during subsequent machining/fabrication operations. However, normal safe working practices such as dust masks & fume extraction, machine guarding, solvent handling, lifting devices, etc. should be adhered to. PVC contains no products likely to give rise to health and safety concerns.
In the case of fire involving PVC foam or rigid materials, water, foam and carbon dioxide extinguishers may be used.
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Yes, ULTRA WOOD HD Co Extruded can be installed by using pneumatic nail gun.

Yes, ULTRA WOOD HD Co Extruded THREE Layer Sheet/Board can be installed in locations where the temperature does not exceed 75°C .

Note : Applicable to other brands also.

Most dirt can be removed from our Product only with mild detergent and water. For more stubborn stains, try a mild household cleaner & degreaser like Clorox Cleanup or Clorox Outdoors, alcohol or Soft scrub with bleach .
If there exists the hard stains , glue with dust cotton rags wetted with turpentine , thinner no.13 ( enamel thinner ) or any other branded de greaser can used to wipe thoroughly .
Note : Applicable to other brands also.

ULTRA WOOD HD Co Extruded THREE Layer Sheet/Board do not expand or contract due to changes in climate conditions unless the ambient temperature is more than 70 deg c .
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Ensure all surfaces to be glued are smooth and clean. Use exterior-grade, PVC compatible, urethane-based adhesives. When fastening to PVC substrates, use white PVC gutter cement; note that PVC gutter cement tends to turn yellow over time outdoors, so it should not be used in visible applications.
Adhesives can be used to permanently or temporarily bond Ultrawood HD and section to like or dissimilar substrates. The surfaces to be bonded should be cleaned and if necessary degreased.
Appropriate adhesives systems can be listed as follows:

• Solvent or Cement systems: Solutions of PVC in Tetrahydrofuran (THF), dimethyl formamide, methylene chloride etc. containing 10-25% solid content.
• Reaction adhesives: One and Two part systems (Polyurethane or Epoxy systems)
• Contact adhesives using synthetic rubbers (such as Neoprene based systems)
• Adhesives films
• Pressure sensitive adhesive tape

UltraWood HD sheets and section can be manipulated using any of the above fixing methods. Like most thermoplastic materials, the influence of thermal expansion must be taken into account. To ensure that dimensional changes relative to ambient temperature are calculated at the fixing stage. A
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Nails: Use corrosion-resistant, smooth-shank, screw, annular-threaded or spiral type nails, and long enough to penetrate substrate by at least 3.8cm (1.5’’)
Note : Nailing is not recommended on SECURE & RUBY brand foam boards.

You can drill Ultra Wood HD board / sheet with standard woodworking drill bits. Do not use bits made for rigid PVC. Avoid heat buildup from excessive friction, and remove the shavings from the drill hole frequently.
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Obey all safe-work practices, including wearing safety boots, goggles and construction helmets. When cutting or sanding product, wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust. Ensure adequate ventilation when gluing, caulking or painting. Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations and warning.
Note : Applicable to other brands also

The dirt / dust can be easy wiped with cotton rugs , but in case there is residual glue remain on surface after removing the Guard / Brand protective film or Stickers such remains of glue can be removed by using active home dish was detergent , or cotton rugs mildly wetted with thinner .
Note : Applicable to other brands also

Roughen the surface with 100- 120 size sand paper , clean it will ( if required use degreasing or any cleaning agents recommended above ) apply the plastic primer as recommended and continue to apply paint using suitable thinner . Never use over quantity of thinner , there are chances that over exposure to high quantity of thinner may cause the uPVC board to react with it and can result in undesirable performance .
Note : Applicable to other brands also.